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Nelly Cattaneo - FPM

Nelly Cattaneo was born in Magenta (Milan) in 1975. She now lives in Milan. She graduated in Architecture at Politecnico of Milan in 2003. Since 2004 she collaborated with DIIAR (Hydraulic Engineering and Surveying Department) of Politecnico of Milan in the development of very specific topographic databases. In 2007 she started a Research Fellowship with Prof. Franco Guzzetti at BEST (Building Environment Science & Technology) Department working on the extraction of data sets from airborne laserscanner point clouds. She is now working in association with other Architects for several local administrations of Regione Lombardia involved in the creation of GIS concerning facilities management and planning. She has been Teaching Fellow at the Schools of Architecture of Politecnico of Milan in Geographical Information Systems and Carthography, and in Topographical Survey. She is author of several articles focusing on GIS as instrument for local administration. In January 2012 she was in Multan, involved in a topographical survey useful as a reference for the set of point clouds acquired by Prof. Grazia Tucci’s group. The same survey was used for the metrical validation of the very first remote sensing images acquired.

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