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Andrea Soncini - FPM

Morbegno (Italy) 1985. He graduated in Environmental Engineering in 2010 at Politecnico of Milan with a thesis on snow precipitation modeling using Global Circulation Models (GCM). Since 2011 he is a PhD student at Politecnico of Milan in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department (DICA) in the mountain hydrology area with a project founded by Ev-K2 CNR committee. From 2010 he is assistant at Politecnico di Milano in the hydraulic infrastructure course (prof. Daniele Bocchiola) focused on water supply system, sewerage system and water reservoir design techniques. At Politecnico he works on hydrological modeling of catchments in mountain areas. He is involved in several projects focused on the study of climate change impacts on snow and glaciers and their effects on hydrometric regime and water availability in the Italian Alps, in Nepal and Karakorum region. He participated in many field campaign at high altitude in these regions installing hydrometric stations and collecting glaciological data. He is author of several articles focusing on the impacts of climate change on water resources at high altitude, on agriculture and ecosystems.

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