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Matteo Tasinato - FPM

Matteo Tasinato was born in Casale Monferrato, Alessandria, Italy (1985). He graduated with the highest grades in 2011 in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano with a thesis titled: “the project of "reform" of the abbey of St. John Baptist Vertemate”. The aim of the degree thesis is the editing of a valorisation project for the priory complex of the Abbey. The project, working on the current sign, gives a new light to this complex, connecting the different fragments and reading them in a new wholeness. After a short experience as a construction management on building sites, since 2012 Matteo works as a collaborator in the Department of Design Architecture (DPA) and assistant at the Laboratory for Conservation of Architecture held by Prof. Maria Cristina Giambruno at Politecnico di Milano.

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